We care about you and your pet, so having access to a veterinarian after-hours is important.  That's why utilizing the fully staffed and equipped Animal Emergency Hospital in Red Deer is in your pet's best interest.


Animal Emergency Hospital provides 24-hour care for your pet. They employ dedicated staff that are passionate about providing emergency healthcare services.  We thank Animal Emergency Hospital for being willing and able provide the high-quality service that you would expect from us. Your records will be transferred back to us during regular office hours, and we can provide you with ongoing supportive and follow-up care. 

All of our decisions are based around our core values of integrity, appreciation and family.  To further realize our core values of appreciation and family, our team limits after-hours services.  We do this so we may spend more time volunteering in our communities and most importantly spend time with our families. 

Please call during regular business hours to discuss large animal after hours service programs.